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Bartolinis Restaurant - Home of Chicago's best meatballs & famous Meatball Challenge

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Chicago's Best Meatballs - Best Enormous Eats Bartolini's 10lb meatball sandwich
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December 30, 2016
6 Minutes 51.67 Seconds

Break Molly's world record and earn a cool $1,000 Bounty!
Bartolinis Meatball Challenge- Molly Breaks our meatball record!
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When it Comes to MEATBALLS, We Are THE PROS!!!

Bartolinis  Chicago's Best Meatballs

You are invited to Try & Conquer the Legendary Bartolini 10lb. Meatball Sandwich which Includes:

  • 40 Bartolini Meatballs
  • on a 3 Foot Turano French Bread
  • 1.5 LBS of Red Gravy
  • 1.5 LBS of Melted Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 LB of Roasted Green Peppers

    Each 10lb Meatball sandwich costs $49.99 HOWEVER: If you or your TEAM can accomplish this Amazing Challenge, the Bartolini 10lb. Meatball Sandwich is FREE!!! Each Contestant must Eat Equal Parts. Any “UNHAPPY RETURNS” OR “URGES CONTRARY TO SWALLOWING” will result in disqualification.

    1 Person Challenge -Complete Entire Sandwich & Beat the Current Record. You Get the Sandwich FREE and WIN $1,000.00!!!
    2 Person Challenge -Complete Entire Sandwich in Under 45 Minutes
    3 Person Challenge -Complete Entire Sandwich in Under 25 Minutes
    4 Person Challenge -Complete Entire Sandwich in Under 15 Minutes

    The BARTOLINI BOUNTY - Beat the Record for 1 Person Challenge and Receive a $1,000.00 Bounty!!!

2014 Meatball Eating Championship Annual Meatball Championship
2014 was a HUGE success!

2013 Meatball Eating ChampionshipAnnual Meatball Championship
2013 was a HUGE success!

2012 Meatball Eating ChampionshipAnnual Meatball Championship
2012 was a HUGE success!

2011 Meatball Eating ChampionshipAnnual Meatball Championship
2011 was a HUGE success!

Come Visit and watch the contest!
Great family day for everyone

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Each year we sponsor the Annual Bartolini's Meatball Eating Contest for charity. With cash prizes for both amateur and professional eaters, we draw champions from many of our 50 states and international champions from many different countries. All contestants are required to qualify for their position prior to the event. Medical professionals are on hand during this dangerous and awesomely disgusting visual event.

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2013 Meatball Eating
Championship WINNERS

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2012 American Meatball Eating Championship WINNERS

2011 Pictures

Watch our 2011 Meatball Eating Contest
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